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I’m Jo Ind. I am a writer for print and digital media based in Birmingham, UK.

I am passionate about words – the sound, rhythm, sight, texture and meaning of them. I write to navigate my path through life.

I discovered my need to write when I was in my early 20s and embarked upon my first book, Fat is a Spiritual Issue, which was about having an eating disorder as a teenager.  The process of writing transformed me in a way that has interested me ever since.  What is it about finding a language that changes us?

Since then I have  specialised in writing for the web. I work as a content designer, helping to research and analyse user needs, create the voice of an organisation, devise a content plan and write copy. My clients include Maverick TelevisionDigital Life Sciences and Kimbley It.  I aim to create digital services that are a joy to use.

Before that I worked as a journalist for the Birmingham Post for more than 20 years and have also written for The Independent, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The Church Times and Third Way magazine.

It is a pleasure to share my love of writing. I am available to help businesses in their communication by copywriting for websites, blogs, brochures, reports, newsletters, flyers. I have considerable experience teaching children and adults how to write for the media. I also lead workshops and do talks around the themes of my books – sexuality, spirituality, eating disorders, theology, communication and the on-going philosophical question of how words work.

If you feel I could help you or your organisation through my writing, do get in touch.

“Deliciously frank, provocative and stimulating – Jo Ind made me laugh aloud, made me cry, made me think. She will hopefully make me different.(Beki Sellick, London reviewing my second book Memories of Bliss in Political Theology)