The urban green of Birmingham

I’ve recently discovered where I live – in the countryside in the heart of Birmingham.

For around the past thirty years, I’ve been aware that I live in a city, the second largest metropolis in the UK to be precise.

I thought I was surrounded by buildings (mainly ugly ones), a spaghetti of junctions and a blast of cars. I just saw miles and miles of hideous sprawl wherever I happened to be. Continue reading “The urban green of Birmingham”

Parenting raises deep questions about who we really are

Many of the conversations I have at the school gates, on football touchlines or in cricket pavilions are really conversations about identity.

We think we’re talking about the 11+ or goalies or whether it’s better to learn classical piano or bass guitar – but what we’re actually talking about is who with think we are. Continue reading “Parenting raises deep questions about who we really are”

Loneliness: Accident or Injustice?

I am delighted to announce the publication of Loneliness: Accident or Injustice? 

Loneliness: Accident or Injustice was commissioned by the Diocese of Oxford (Board of Mission) and the Archway Foundation in response to research by the Church of England and Church Urban Fund which found social isolation was the most wide-spread social concern of our time. Continue reading “Loneliness: Accident or Injustice?”