Fancy a one-to-one with Google?

Yay! Two of my favourite things came together today – Google and the Library of Birmingham.

Google launched its Digital Garage in our beautiful library today.  It’s aim is to help small businesses in Birmingham grow through their use of the web.

So if you fancy a one-to-one session with a Google “technician”, you can step into a pod and have a chat about your digital issue . Continue reading “Fancy a one-to-one with Google?”

How to stay cheerful when technology fails

This post was inspired by a week in which my desktop had a virus. Virgin Media had changed its servers so I couldn’t access my emails. My spanking new laptop stared blankly at me and resolutely refused to run Windows 7 and the computer I had borrowed froze so many times I spent more hours hitting the refresh button than I did getting any work done. Continue reading “How to stay cheerful when technology fails”