Suspend your rational faculties

A word of advice on reading Jay Griffiths’ Kith, The Riddle of the Childscape – suspend your rational faculties. Surrender to the lyricism. Let nostalgia woo you.  Be carried on the wings of your imagination. Allow yourself to spiral into your childhood (either the one you really had or the one about which you fantasise) and go with Griffiths into a secret garden of faerie, forests, daemon and metaphor. Roam free. Continue reading “Suspend your rational faculties”

Can you be a feminist if you can’t think?

Are you still a feminist?’ – that was a question asked of me last week by a young woman who had read one of my books.

‘Now there’s a question,’ I thought as I stood at the bus stop tapping a reply into my Blackberry.  ‘I was a feminist when I last thought about it – about four years ago – but I don’t know if I still am because what would involve thinking and I haven’t got time for that.’ Continue reading “Can you be a feminist if you can’t think?”