Digital Media

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I work as a content designer and digital media consultant. I devise the style and voice of an organisation and produce the digital content. See the slideshow above for examples of my work. I work with clients to:

  • identify and analyse user needs
  • create the voice and style of an organisation
  • devise a content plan
  • assess the suitability of plans for a site (wireframes) and modify them where necessary
  • write engaging copy that is findable through Google (search engine optimisation)
  • manage the uploading of video, images and text.

“Jo is a skilled and effective writer who is able to breathe life into a tight brief and create a real sense of interaction with the reader. In the web world, where more glamorous elements such as interactivity and video steal the limelight, Jo gives the site its heart and mind.”  (Martin Turner, CIPR Chartered Public Relations Practitioner)

“Jo is much more than the best writer I have ever worked with.  Her blend of professional journalism, genuine interest in her subject matter, dedication to the job and clear skill mean her writing is always exemplary. However, her real value is not captured by her skills as a writer alone.  She contributes more than can be quantified to the overall success of our business and the projects we deliver for clients through using her journalistic training, teamwork, overall intelligence and fantastic personality.”  (Robin Vickers, Founder and Executive Director, Digital Life Sciences)

Some of my clients