Fifty Shades of Gold – the road show

During March 2014, I will be speaking at two Birmingham venues on Fifty Shades of Gold – a reflection on midlife using poetry, Jungian literature and the art of Birmingham artist Jake Lever.

Midlife can be a time of loss, grief and anxiety about identity, greying hair and creaky knees.  It can also be an invitation to find a new way of being, one that is richer, deeper and more gleamingly radiant than what has gone before.

To celebrate being fifty, I made a Fifty Shades of Gold booklet, pictured above, exploring this journey, which I gave to my friends. I made a Fifty Shades of Gold website too.

Now I have been invited to speak on Fifty Shades of Gold at two beautiful venues in Birmingham. I’d be delighted if you would  join me.

Birmingham Cathedral, Thursday, 13 March:  5.30 for 6pm

Jake Lever‘s awesome work, The Blue and the Dim and the Gold will be on display in Birmingham Cathedral from 28 February to 11 April. In the evening on Thursday, 13 March I will use this installation as a source for reflection on midlife, spirituality and change. The talk will include time for quiet and discussion.  You get to see the work in all its awesome glory and have the chance to ask questions.  It’s Fifty Shades of Gold in the flesh – well, in the paint and gold, in the case of the artwork.

Entrance fee: £4

Booking: recommended but not necessary – 0121 262 1840 or

Google maps: Birmingham Cathedral


Winterbourne House & Garden, Tuesday 18 March: 12.30-1.30pm

I am delighted to be speaking at the gem that is Winterbourne House & Garden as part of Birmingham University’s Arts & Science Festival, in partnership with Writing West Midlands.  Jake’s work will be at the Cathedral so I will be showing it in a different way – using digital images showing detail that can sometimes be missed. I’ll be using poetry and Jungian literature to explore the golden years euphemistically known as middle age. This will probably be a bit more literary and a bit less quiety than then gig at Birmingham Cathedral.

Entrance fee: free

Booking:  recommended but not necessary – 

Google maps: Winterbourne House & Garden

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