I love my new boss

I love my new boss.  I like her ideals, her approach to life, her attitude to business. They echo my own.

I know she has my best interests at heart – as I do hers. It’s not uncommon, even in the best of organisations, to feel a degree of ambivalence towards your employers.  You are prepared to work hard and put yourself out, but, quite rightly, there are limits as to how far you will go on their behalf.

I don’t feel like that towards my new boss. I would go to the ends of the earth for her and her family. She has my complete, unconditional support.

I love being self-employed. It rocks.


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  1. She looks a bit shifty to me…

  2. Trust you to put a Spanner in the works.

  3. I love my boss too. Makes a wonderful change doesn’t it?

  4. Jo Ind says:

    Well you certainly know how to be your own boss, Maggy. Others can be inspired by your example.

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