My ideal personal trainer

I have had three personal trainers in the past five years – all young, all men and all so lean you would use a vat of olive oil should you ever need to fry them.

I’ve liked them all, and I’ve learnt different things from each.

But as I nurse a running injury I’m thinking about what I need in order to be able to run without doing as much harm as I do good.

That’s got me onto imagining what I really want my personal trainer to be.

My ideal personal trainer would be someone who:

  • Speaks the language of sleep and rest as eloquently as he talks of exertion
  • Understands that a woman’s strength waxes and wanes with the moon
  • Is as skilled in the fine art of listening to the body as he is in pushing it
  • Appreciates that a body in winter has different needs from a body in summer
  • Grasps that time spent exercising is time that would otherwise be spent earning money or being with the family and so needs to be kept in balance
  • Knows nothing in nature goes on getting fitter and stronger…but goes in cycles of fattening and leaning, of working and resting, of hurting and healing.
Hmmm….Looks like I’m going to have to do the job myself then.





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