“Spirituality” slows down blogging

“Spirituality is when the inside of things is bigger than the outside” – Richard Rohr.

I came across that quote while I was taking a look at the new website of  St Saviour’s, Bridge of Allan where my brother is rector.

It just happened to catch my eye because I was about to write a post on why I was finding it hard to post at the moment.

Why it’s sometimes hard to write a blog post

There are many times in life when I find my inner world more vivid and enticing than the outer world: I can’t read on the bus because I want to stare out of the window, I’m late for an appointment because I have been day-dreaming in the bath, I don’t switch the telly on because lying on my back looking at the ceiling is far more entertaining than anything being offered to me on a screen.

I’m going through a time like this at the moment – a time when I am being beckoned by my soul rather than wooed through the web. The outer world is small and thin. My inner world is rich and deep.

I don’t know if this is “spirituality.”  I don’t know if this is the way of being to which Richard Rohr was alluding. But it is good to name this place and it a good place to be.

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  2. Writing is hard especially for the Web and all your visitors. Blogging made things a lot easier and helped new writers have the capability to create blogs wherever the Web allows them..

    Because of this, I am also a blogger.

  3. It is true that Spirituality is when the inside of things is bigger than the outside. It just really shows that spirituality really matters especially to a blogger..

    It makes for a blogger hard to write if he/she doesn’t have spirituality inside him/her.

  4. Nancy says:

    You need to have spirituality when you write in order to connect with your audience/readers. I find this to be so true that at times I am held back from writing a post or commenting on a blog. Guess that’s what you’re referring to here.

    My 2 cents,


  5. Michael says:

    @ Susanette

    I totally agree. You will always have a hard time writing about a subject that you are not passionate about. However when you are passionate about it you will find the words as effortlessly as breathing.

  6. Ally French says:

    Hi all,
    It’s true, writing is fun, but I think it’s much easier for people who know English very well (bigger audience)
    It’s nice to check your stats & see you had some visitors (readers)
    I speak Danish ; this means only 5 million potential readers – frustrating
    Should I write in English ?

  7. Oh gosh. What a lot of people I haven’t replied to. I am SO sorry. I must have been too spiritual to respond, eh @Nancy ;).

    @Michael – writing is never effortless for me, whether I’m passionate about the subject or not.

    @Ally – an interesting question. But I was amazed to discover I only had to right click on my friend’s blog and it was magically translated from Arabic into English. Perhaps this will become less of an issue as technology develops.

  8. If what is inside makes it a better place to visit than what can be found outside, that could also be spirituality. When you find inner peace that it allows you to draw strength and face the outside again.

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