Parenting raises deep questions about who we really are

Many of the conversations I have at the school gates, on football touchlines or in cricket pavilions are really conversations about identity.

We think we’re talking about the 11+ or goalies or whether it’s better to learn classical piano or bass guitar – but what we’re actually talking about is who with think we are. Continue reading “Parenting raises deep questions about who we really are”

Suspend your rational faculties

A word of advice on reading Jay Griffiths’ Kith, The Riddle of the Childscape – suspend your rational faculties. Surrender to the lyricism. Let nostalgia woo you.  Be carried on the wings of your imagination. Allow yourself to spiral into your childhood (either the one you really had or the one about which you fantasise) and go with Griffiths into a secret garden of faerie, forests, daemon and metaphor. Roam free. Continue reading “Suspend your rational faculties”

How has being a mother affected my creativity?

I recently watched Who Does She Think She Is? – an award-winning film by Pamela T Boll  about motherhood and creativity.

I found the film a little disappointing because so much of it was about the politics and practicalities around women as artists. These are important issues for sure, but they aren’t the questions that I’m asking at the moment. Continue reading “How has being a mother affected my creativity?”