Fancy a one-to-one with Google?

Yay! Two of my favourite things came together today – Google and the Library of Birmingham.

Google launched its Digital Garage in our beautiful library today.  It’s aim is to help small businesses in Birmingham grow through their use of the web.

So if you fancy a one-to-one session with a Google “technician”, you can step into a pod and have a chat about your digital issue . Continue reading “Fancy a one-to-one with Google?”

Talking on sexuality at Exeter Cathedral

This weekend – Sunday, 9 June 2013 – I will be talking about sexuality at Holy Ground at Exeter Cathedral.

In preparing my talk, I’ve noticed that I have felt in a very quiet place around sexuality issues in recent years and found it almost unbearable listening to debates about the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill currently going through Parliament. Continue reading “Talking on sexuality at Exeter Cathedral”

How has being a mother affected my creativity?

I recently watched Who Does She Think She Is? – an award-winning film by Pamela T Boll  about motherhood and creativity.

I found the film a little disappointing because so much of it was about the politics and practicalities around women as artists. These are important issues for sure, but they aren’t the questions that I’m asking at the moment. Continue reading “How has being a mother affected my creativity?”