Talking on sexuality at Exeter Cathedral

This weekend – Sunday, 9 June 2013 – I will be talking about sexuality at Holy Ground at Exeter Cathedral.

In preparing my talk, I’ve noticed that I have felt in a very quiet place around sexuality issues in recent years and found it almost unbearable listening to debates about the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill currently going through Parliament.

It’s not that I’m not political.  Sexuality is a very political issue affected by the laws of the land that need changing, so some people have got to argue about it. There was a time when I would have been quite happy to be one of those people. Indeed I would have wanted it.

But now when those same arguments are being rehearsed over and over again in the The Mail,  The Sun, on Newsnight, on the Today programme, I find myself wincing and covering my ears (or eyes, depending…)

I don’t want to shout about it.  I don’t want to argue about it – though I CAN. I just want to metaphorically take off my shoes and recognise that when we are talking about sexuality, we are indeed on holy ground.


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