Theology talks

I am often invited to speak at conferences, festivals or to small groups of people.  I enjoy it. I like feeling the connection with the audience and noticing what happens when words are live.

Most of my talks are on theology, which I find slightly embarassing because I have no training as a theologian, but the invitations keep coming in and I keep rising to the challenge.  Generally I speak on a theology of emodiment, a theology of sexuality or a theology of communication though I don’t put it quite like that in the titles.  Groups I have addressed include the Norfolk Theologial Society, The Diocese of Lichfield, The Diocese of Sheffield, the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality,  The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and the Greenbelt Festival.

“Ranchy, shocking, raw, honest, full of gentle humour and compassion” (How I was introduced on the Greenbelt Festival website when I was speaking on sexuality)

Inspirational talks

I’m also invited to be an inspirational speaker.  I’ve done talks to encourage women’s development  through the Springboard Programme run by Patricia Cresswell Associates. More recently I have spoken on motherhood for Chaplaincy Plus and Oxfam Books.

“Thank you for all you gave to us all at our conference. You must have realised that on a number of occasions you worked the great miracle of bringing the dead to life.”  (Letter from the Rt Revd David Lunn, then Bishop of Sheffield, after I had addressed the Diocese of Sheffield Clergy Conference.)