Sexuality workshops

As part of my on-going interest in sexuality, I devise and deliver workshops to enable people to become more lovingly aware of their own sexualities and those of others. This is always more challenging than simply doing a talk as it has the potential to touch participants at a deeper level. I use a variety of media – paints, collage, nature – and engage the senses of scent and sound.

I have devised and delivered workshops on sexuality for the Diocese of Birmingham, the Diocese of Oxford, the Diocese of Exeter, the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality, Changing Attitude and The Clergy Consultation.

“We were excited, nurtured, and challenged to new depths of understanding by this remarkably gifted, warm and courageous young woman. ‘How can I grow? How do I touch what is most real in myself and others – that ‘something’ which ties us into the world and life?’  Quite simply Jo Ind has demonstrated to us exactly how.” (Report on the What is Sexuality? conference I led in Sheffield for the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality)

Writing workshops

I’m keenly aware of the difference the ability to get words down makes to someone’s life.  I’m therefore delighted to visit schools and help young people learn to write. I go into a classroom as a journalist, not a teacher, and invite students to enter my world, come with me through their imaginations and discover what it’s like to be out and about having ideas, interviewing and writing to deadline. They make a newspaper together and in the process develop media awareness and a new sense of purpose in their writing.

I have worked in both primary and secondary schools independently and through Write On!, a writers in schools programme administered by Writing West Midlands.

“Thank you for teaching me. Now I want to be a journalist when I grow up.”  “Thank you soooo much. I enjoyed every single lesson.” “You’ve been great to us, you are wicked.” “Keep writing.”  (Letters from children at Harborne Primary School, Birmingham after I had done a Write On! programme with them)

I have led creative writing workshops for parents as part of a Write On! programme, facilitated newspaper writing workshops for Birmingham Literature Festival and devised and taught a journalism module for the New Writer Development Programme adminstered by Book Communications.

“Jo Ind is one of our most accomplished writers working on Write On! Her work is challenging and rewarding, combining functional literacy with a really creative approach to engaging children – and their teachers – in the writing process.” Jonathan Davidson, Chief Executive, Writing West Midlands