There is nothing as hard as writing

I’m a writer. I write books. I write for newspapers. I write  for the web. I’m a writer. I am – honestly.

Just look in my loft. There are boxes packed with all the pages I have written.

Look on Amazon. You can find my books there.

Look at my home. Apart from gifts, everything I own has been paid for through my hours of labour putting one word in front of the other.

I am a writer – it must be true.

So why is it that all these years (decades), there is nothing that is as hard as writing? All the other things – training adults, filing my accounts, managing a team, teaching children, making websites – none of that is as difficult as the blank page,

the empty brain,

the silent room.




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  1. Katy Charles says:

    I am not a writer, although I have had one blog published and paid for in my lifetime for which I shall be eternally proud!! Writing for me is also very hard, but the main difference is that I’m also not really any good at it!!! The “poetry” I wrote this summer has had to have speech marks around it – a terrible thing to do I know – but it wasn’t good enough to just write the word poetry, on it’s own – intact if anyone read them they’d be likely to guess my 5 year old was the author!!

  2. You’re right Katy! It IS terrible to put speech marks around “poetry”! It’s wonderful that you felt the desire to write, found the time, and actually did it. Well done you. Please greet your poems with the same joy and respect you would great poems that HAD been written by your five-year-old. It’s great that you wrote them. Congratulations. (And of course now I want to read them!)

  3. Katy Charles says:

    Many days later – sorry – I reply – yes you’re more than welcome to read my attempts at poetry – I may reserve a couple for my consumption only – but the others yes fine!! They might make you chuckle which is always a good thing..almost always!!

  4. I’m looking forward to the poems Katy.

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